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I'm thrilled for the SAP Co-Innovation Lab this week to host its Eco-Innovation Forum with our special guest Stefan Lindegaard this Friday, June 8 from Noon to 1pm pacific.

Stefan and I connected sometime last year after I had written a paper examining the intersections of Open Innovation, Co-Innovation and Social Networks. Shortly after publishing this paper to SDN, I participated in a 1 day panel discussion at Santa Clara University hosted by Dr. Terri Griffith, author of the Plugged-In Manager.

As I researched my material prior to the discussion it did not take long for me to find Stefan's very popluar open Innovation site, My first observation upon visting his site for the first time was to discover that there were many, many people out there passionate about Open Innovation and trying to figure out what it takes to succeed at it. We subsequently shared some ideas and comments through different topics/postings and after awhile, discussed his upcoming 3rd book that explores open innovation and social media. We exchanged a few more emails which lead to Mark Yolton and I being interviewed for the book and sharing our own views and experiences on such a rich topic. We are looking forward to its publication.

This Friday, Stefan will share with us how a company might use social media to bring out better innovation faster. Working on his next book, Social Media for Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs:Add Power to Your Innovation Efforts, Stefan has learned that this question is being asked by many corporate innovators and entrepreneurs around the world.

This intersection is unchartered territory, yet full of interesting opportunities. At the session this Friday, Stefan will cover:

  • an understanding on how social media tools can impact innovation efforts
  • an overview of the most important tools and how they can be used by innovation teams
  • examples on how leading-edge companies use social media tools in their innovation efforts
  • advice on how to get started with using social media for innovation

If you are on the SAP Labs Campus this Friday, we hope you can drop in and participate.