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When choosing additional SAP solutions, many of our customers aim to leveraging prior investments into their existing SAP landscape. But what about companies starting from zero? Steve Adamo, Executive Director with Merck & Co. Inc. explained it in a very insightful way in his presentation “Improve business performance through digitization in life sciences”.

When moving to SAP 10 years ago, they saw the opportunity to start from scratch and take a very comprehensive and drastic approach to look at all business processes end to end. They aimed to improve business processes including financials, sales, accounting, procurement, HR, and production down to the shop floor. Now, the large pharmaceutical company has retired numerous legacy systems and moved to one platform, resulting in higher operational efficiency, increased enterprise productivity, faster time to market, and better customer service. Watch the full recorded session here!

One single platform is the foundation for innovation. Moving a step ahead, digitalization can actually not only transform business processes, but also business models, and the way scientists, experts and executives work. Learn more about digitilization, industry drivers, technology trends and their impacts on the life sciences industry at the website “Life sciences: Collaborating in a digital world”.