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This blog is intended to provide some ressources helping to grasp the industry by numbers. All those data are subject to copyright, so I mainly provide the links here. You'll find more information in the vicinity of the provided links. Please remember, that the numbers might slightly differ from source to source depending whether you include or exclude OTC, Animal Health etc. I will add more every now and then. If you find any good sources, please post them in the comments. I will consolidate feedback every now and then.

Pharma Market Overall

A great source for numbers related to the pharmaceutical market is IMS who has published current and past figures here. What you should remember: US is more than 1/3 of the overall market, Europe adds another quarter!!

Pharma Manufacturers
Below you'll find a list of the Top20 manufacturers by 2012 Revenue (Source: IMS has also published a nice list of the Top 20 Global Corporations (latest 2013 figures) with little different results.

Pharma Wholesalers
Similar numbers are available for US wholesalers.

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