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Blockchain is here and drives value within the serialization process. The DSCSA regulation requires manufacturers to serialize product; however today, DSCSA actually does not require the manufacturer to give the serial numbers to the distributors. Solution – Blockchain! If you have a platform which supports blockchain services and leverages a serialization solution which is tightly integrated with your ERP – you are in great position to use blockchain to pass serial numbers and other document information easily to the distributor. Why do I want to pass the serial numbers to the distributor? To drive product authentication. The patient is enabled to authenticate the product thru scanning the serial number’s and check the actual serial numbers to ensure the product is not counterfeit. Blockchain provides a simple ability to create aggregated database of serial numbers. The ability to authenticate product is tremendous – especially for patient with critical diseases in remote markets which are targets for selling counterfeit pharmaceutical and biotech products. Blockchain does more! Blockchain changes EDI and drives more automation eliminating traditional EDI and lowering the cost of transmitting information. Blockchain is a great solution for 2019 when distributors will be required to authenticate saleable returns. Is your serialization solution blockchain enabled?