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External Data Transfer- KCLJ

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When i executing the KCLJ- external Data transfer , the file executed with  the error."The field "AKTYP"is not defined in DDIC.

But I have configured Sender structure with relevent field except "AKTYP"-Activity category, Transfer rules are also defined.

while am trying to add AKTYP field in the sender structure the follwoing error was getting:

"The field "AKTYP"is not defined in DDIC. "

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Hi Kotta

What for you have created structure? is it for BP or IO or CA?

These are the Std structures provided by SAP for loading master data:

rkct994 - BCA Insurance SENDER

rkct995 - Insurance Object

rkct996 - Contract Data

rkct997 - Partner Data SENDER

All these structures contains AKTYP field in it.

Can you post more details.

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And AKTYP takes the values 1 or 2.

1 means its a create mode.

2 means change mode.

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Hi, I have created my own structure with reference to standard for Business partner Master data, RKCT999, in this structure very initial i have not included the field AKTYP, now i am going to insert this field in the above structure, system throws error "AKTYP"is not defined in DDIC.".

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You mean to say that you have created a ZRKCT999 structure initially without AKTYP and now trying to add AKTYP in the begining of the structure. Isn't it? I did the same thing and am able to add AKTYP in the first position without any issue.

I am not sure what your issue is? you need to post more details so that I can help you.