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Evolving customer expectations and disruptive technologies are creating new business models and new ways of working. To succeed in our dynamic digital world, insurers are transforming into intelligent enterprises. Insurers must harness the power of advanced technologies, like machine learning, the Internet of Things, and analytics with agile, integrated processes, collecting valuable insights into customer behavior. The SAP Insurance Industry Forum 2020 is a one-hour virtual event that gives your business a front-row seat to these transformations:

  • Learn how Discovery Health Group in South Africa incentivizes its customers to make healthier lifestyle choices, improving health outcomes and the company’s bottom line.

  • Discover how insurance companies are elevating their customer experience to attract new customers, increase overall satisfaction, improve retention rates and create new revenue streams.

  • Explore how insurers are rethinking their financial processes and leveraging intelligent technologies to run more efficiently, meet changing regulatory requirements, and reduce risk.

Customer Experience Transformation Session: New Business Models for Acquisition and Retention

Customer retention rates are an important success metric for individual agents and global insurers alike. Historically, insurers held customers for life. Insurers exerted much more effort to acquire a customer than they did to retain that customer. This old model of business no longer works. New players are capitalizing on emerging technologies to personalize the customer experience and reach customers in new places, rewriting the rules traditionally associated with customer-insurer relationships. Today’s customers expect an elevated consumer-centric experience– one that not all insurers are prepared to provide.

The SAP Experience Management Deep Dive session will take a closer look at how insurers can win in the experience economy. This starts with managing experience data that provides insights into the customer, product, brand and employee experiences. It will also include a closer look at the broader ecosystem and how new products and services will help improve customer outcomes.

Financial Transformation Session: Driving Innovation, Performance and Growth

Insurers have long struggled with generating financial data out of their operational activities. The flow of this data – from raw, operational transactions to financial reporting – is a cumbersome, expensive and resource-intensive process requiring intermediate systems and data repositories. Consequently, finance leaders at insurers are stuck playing a game of catch-up– they’re always looking at historical information. This puts finance leaders at a disadvantage when it comes to making smart investment decisions and capital allocations.

The SAP Financial Transformation Deep Dive session will take a closer look at data intelligence technology and new applications, including SAP’s robust finance platform. Learn how insurers can close their books with more current information, access rich supplemental ledger capabilities that include policy details like claims and premiums, and how to use these financial insights to drive innovation, performance and growth. Also, hear how SAP is helping insurers manage the increasing regulatory complexities resulting from IFRS 9, IFRS 17, and U.S. GAAP.

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From intelligent claims to health incentives, learn more about the latest innovations in insurance. Join our 60-minute virtual event to explore the trends and technology innovations in global insurance with leading industry experts.

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