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We are pleased to introduce a new SAP Digital Boardroom for Insurance video which showcases how insurers can achieve unmatched, real-time insights into profitability and performance metrics, anytime and anywhere. Find out how the SAP Digital Boardroom solution helps insurers:

  • Answer ad-hoc questions on the fly

  • Monitor performance against critical success factors like loss ratios

  • Analyze root causes

  • Simulate the impact of decisions

  • Determine their impact on key performance metrics like profitability

This is an optimized way to quickly (4 minutes) and effectively gain an understanding of the value of the SAP Digital Boardroom, which helps Insurance companies Run Simple.

Demo videos are constructed based upon the ‘day-in-the-life’ approach to using SAP solutions.

Enjoy the video and please share your feedback. To see this demo live, join us at SAPPIRENOW. Learn more about SAPPHIRENOW and secure your spot today!
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