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In a post-crisis world, insurance companies have borne the brunt of regulations such as new IFRS pronouncements and new solvency regulations like Solvency II. And most of these regulations have yet to play out their effects on the sector. That time is approaching with CFOs, CROs and Chief Actuaries facing a substantial challenge. A strong alliance with their CIO and COO is essential to navigate the next few years and find a way for this large non-discretionary spend to pay back a substantial “regulatory dividend.”

SAP and Deloitte discuss the challenges and solutions to meet both regulatory demands and business needs.

Attend this live webinar to discover, how to:

• Transform finance and risk data to create competitive advantage

• Make the new regulations (Solvency and IFRS) work for your business goals

• Fulfil the analytics potential from integrating risk, finance and actuarial data

• Achieve finance and risk alignment through real use cases

Register for the webinar on the link below: