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Roger Hiltpold,

Senior Project Manager, ICW Group

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In today’s complex, global economy understanding how to minimize personal or business financial risk can be challenging.  Many of us rely on insurance agents to provide guidance on car and home insurance as well as business insurance such as Workers’ Compensation. ICW Group is a privately held company that represents a group of Property, Auto and Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers.  It offers its insurance products nationally through a network of independent agents and brokers. The company is committed to meeting the needs of its policyholders and elevating the trusted agents and brokers who advise them.

Being challenged with information spread around disparate data sources, ICW Group turned to SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText to deliver documents to its agents’ fingertips in minutes, and with fewer errors, inherent with manual processing. Through automation of processes in the back office, the company also aimed to increase internal efficiencies and streamline costs.

In his role as Senior Project Manager at ICW Group, Roger Hiltpold aspires to facilitate change by connecting the dots between technology and people. What really drives him is executing business transformation projects that deliver tangible benefits, underpinning ICW Group’s ambition to scale profitably, while providing superior customer service. “With SAP Extended ECM by Opentext in place, our agent customers can now access dunning notices, invoices and late payment statements instantaneously, which allows them to be more flexible and react more quickly to various scenarios in their day-to-day job – for example an expected late payment from a client”, says Hiltpold.

As a result, ICW Group not only realizes higher policy renewal rates and stronger customer retention, it also relieves their agents’ of administrative work, while empowering them to focus on the most important aspect of their job - serving their clients with integrity, dedication and trust.