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To send data from SAP FS-CD system to other systems, SAP has provided a container known as the Information container. Standard processes like Dunning and Returns use this container to send data to systems like SAP FS-PM. There may be scenarios where you might need to send data that is not covered by these standard information containers. So we can create our own custom information containers.

Process Steps

IMG Activities:-

  • Customizing entries can be created as shown in the below picture


  • Standard Information container entries can be seen below. Similarly we can create our own Information container category e.g. Z001. Before we add a new entry in the below customizing node, we have to create three structures and an implementing class. We can use the standard classes and structures as a template and create our own objects. The structures represent the type of data that we need to send and the class is responsible for executing the process. It is not required to modify the methods of the implementing class but the structures should be modified to cater the requirement. I have not experimented much with the storage type. The data is stored as a XML string in the main information container table.


  • Once the above step is completed we should activate the new information container category as shown below. Again for the send type, I have always used Remote function call.


Development Activities

Below is the list of function modules that should be created in the system:

  • Function module A: This function module checks whether the information container is active or not. Standard function module FKKINFCO_TYPE_0001_CHECK can be used as a template.
  • Function module B: This function module saves the relevant data to Information container database tables. Standard function module FKKINFCO_TYPE_0001_STORE can be used as a template.
  • Function module C: This function module should serve as the starting point of picking up the data, hence this function module can be called at a point where it is desired to send data to Information container. Standard function module FKKINFCO_TYPE_0001_POST can be used as a template.
  • Function module 😧 This function module should be called in event 3703 and is responsible for sending the data to different systems. The event 3703 is called when the mass activity for Information container is executed. Add this function module in FQEVENTS transaction under event 3703. Standard function module FKK_SAMPLE_3703 can be used as a template.

Function modules from A to C will call the different methods of the implementing class at various point of time.


  • Once the triggering point is set, the entries for the information container can be checked in the table DFKKINFCO. This is the main database table for the information containers. One more additional database table is DFKKINFCOS.
  • Run transaction FPINFCO1. Mass activity for Information container.
  • Check the status of sent entries in transaction FPINFCO2

Hope this blog helps :smile: