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I came across a requirement where I have to add a new tab to the FS-CD transactions FPE1, FPE2 and FPE3. I was bit surprised when I could not find any BADI or Exit. Even BDT, which is quite common to Collections and Disbursements module was not available. I then figured it out that this is a special case and could be resolved through SPRO customizing. I did follow the path and successfully completed the development. Below steps will guide you to achieve this requirement whenever you come across document posting transaction enhancement.


a) Create your custom screen using screen painter (SE51)

b) Go to SPRO

c) Navigate to Financial Accounting --> Contract Accounts receivable and payable --> Basic Functions -->

    Posting and Documents --> Document --> Screen preparation --> Include own fields and detail screens.

d) Enter the below details

       Program: SAPLFKP1 (Document)

       Application: DOP (Business partner item detail screen)  *This can change based on the requirement

       Number: 0

       Application area: V (Insurance company)

       Screen number: <Your custom screen number>                       * Created at step (a)

       Program: <Your custom screen program name>

    The below FMs are needed for data transfer

       Init module: <Your custom function module for Initialization>        

       * You can use sample FMs as well e.g. FKK_DOCT_SAMPLE_INI_OP

       PBO Module: < Your custom function module for PBO >              

       * You can use sample FMs as well e.g. FKK_DOCT_SAMPLE_PBO_OP

       PAI Module: <Your custom function module for PAI >                   

      * You can use sample FMs as well e.g. FKK_DOCT_SAMPLE_PAI_OP

e) Run the transaction and check.


a) For enabling/disabling the screen fields, you need to write the code in the screen program's PBO.

b) The tab name is taken care by the system and by default it is "Customer's Data". You change this in the Initialization function module.

Hope this blog helps you.