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Originally posted 20-April-2016 at

Internet of Things | Internet Of Things

Written by Dietmar Bohn

Siemens is a German company based in Berlin with offices around the world. It is Europe’s largest engineering company. Employing around 362,000 people and with a worldwide profit of about 71.9 euros in 2014, the company is well known around the world, and the Siemens name is famous for its quality. The company has four main divisions: cities & infrastructure, industry, energy, and healthcare. While industry and healthcare are its two biggest areas, energy is beginning to be a large money-earning area for the company, too.

Siemens and energy

Siemens’ energy department is focusing on such things as sustainable and green energy, automation, and digitization of energy sources. It produces a large number of energy-saving products for many different industries. The company is responding to a known demand among the public for green energy sources and energy-saving devices. In fact, it is playing a leading role in marketing green energy and manufacturing green energy equipment. Siemens has always been a company that invents new things and stays on top of market trends. The way the company responds to what people demand is the main reason the company is so successful. Its ability to take those things people want and improve on them with new technologies and inventions is another reason people trust the Siemens name around the world.

Siemens is also connected to the Internet of Things, which is full of new smart devices. You’ve probably seen many ads for these types of things in the past year, and there is a good chance at least some of them were the result of Siemens marketing and technology. Smart devices are also in demand for businesses, in addition to personal use. The Siemens way of making energy-efficient and high-quality smart devices gives it a leading role in the energy marketplace.

Siemens and the Internet of Things

Siemens uses wind energy technology in many of its products and services in all of its company divisions. As an example, many companies have connected wind farms and are leaders in the wind energy industry. Siemens uses this wind energy in its cloud computing department. This means cloud computing obtained through Siemens is powered by renewable, green energy that is safe for the planet. Using a renewable energy source lets Siemens be competitive with other companies in the energy industry, such as General Electric, which also uses renewable energy sources for its electronic products and services.

Thanks to its use of cutting-edge wind energy, Siemens’ renewable energy department grew by more than 50% last year, and made up 11.3% of the company’s profits. Because of the use of wind energy, Siemens now offers cloud computing services that businesses can use to manage manufacturing equipment bought from Siemens at a distance, and they can get more accurate billing from that equipment based on its actual usage with precise recording of this information.

Siemens and energy in the future

Siemens is on the cutting-edge of the future of renewable energy solutions in both products and services. Using partnerships with companies like SAP, it is able to introduce new things to the market that are clean and good for the environment and that operate in a way that uses the least amount of energy possible. This saves money for both Siemens and its customers. Siemens can be expected to continue to be a leader in the field of renewable and green energy going forward. This will give the company what it needs to expand its energy department and improve its profits while becoming even more of an international household name.

For more information, please download the white paper Digital Manufacturing: Powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Dietmar Bohn

About Dietmar Bohn

Dietmar Bohn is the Vice President of Industry Cloud at SAP. He brings more than 15 years of CRM experience from both outside and inside SAP and more than 25 years of industry experience. Bohn has held different executive roles spanning CRM strategy projects, CRM implementation projects, CRM development and CRM product management. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Telecommunications.