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Problem with stage audit

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Hi, I am testing stage audit functionality. Configuration seems to be OK, but unable to create requirements/sub-requirements in PIQRLCATM. They are greyed out. What could be missing? Maintained the number range for rule module. Created the assessment for modules. From the scree shot, you can see that requirement pattern do exists.


Vinod Kumar


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Hi Vinod,

normally you have to hit "Select Requirements" and a root enty for the catalog shows in the window below. This is missing in your screen shot. Could it be that you forgot the param value "Stage 1" in the customizing activity where you defined the catalog or assigned the pattern to the catalog?

Maybe the transaction found the pattern when you have not yet entered the param value (because you assigned it to the catalog with no param value set), so it is shown, but if you select a stage later could it not find the catalog?!

Just a guess.

It could also be authorization, but I don't think you would miss this!


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Hi Dirk,

I am not sure if you are talking about this.

or here

Or here


Vinod Kumar

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Hi Vinod,

I mean the second one. The parameter value you want to build up the catalog for (in your case "Stage 1") is part of the key of the requirement catalog. So you could build up different req catalogs for each stage.

Just add a line: Degree Audit / 2013 / Stage C... / Completion / Stage 1 / Pattern: BSSA


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This is closed by assigning object type for catalog responsibility.