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Exam for admission

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Hi All,

I have problem related to the admission process. The university organizes an exam for admission process for a specific program of study, and students applies to that program take that exam.According to the results, top applicants are admitted. The challenges,

- I cannot register and grade students who didn't book the module of related exam. In our process applicants take that exam, not actual students.

- If external tests are used, students can not monitor the exam in Student Information Center as for real assessments. The university wants the students to be able to monitor their exam date, time and results in portal.

What do you recommend to use here? Is there any way to register and grade student for an assessment without program registration?



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Deniz,

If the external tests do not cover the requirements I would suggest the following if you have explicit registration active in your institution: create a modification in the admission process so that a student in the admission application modus can book courses and hence exams. Please check with your abap collegians to create to correct modification in the admission coding. You can use the admission category for example to manage the trigger for the allowance of booking modules (e.g admission category: conditionally approved).