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Campus management monthly invoicing

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Dear All,

In My project by using PQ_FEE_CALC we are calculating a fee include total annual amount. But we have to invoice this amount montly (during 10 months). How can I do this?



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Please check the following Student Accounting documents in our BPX:

[original link is broken]

This will provide you the necessary (basic) information about Student Accounting/FICA.

Hope this helps


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I already read these documents. Could you give more spesific information?

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Dear all,

When a student registred, I am running fee calculation and I generate a total amount. Because of some reasons, I haven't to sent this amount to FI. So, I have to generate amounts monthly for FI and I generate invoices at the end of each month.

But of course I must give a total amount at the beginning of the year to student.

By using due dates, I can divide total amounts to the months, but the system sends the total amount to FI at the beginning of the year in any case.

I need to sent amounts montly to FI, after I generate a total amount by fee calculation.


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You can handle this by enrolling them into Monthly Installment plan.


Prabhat Singh

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Thanks Phabrat,

Where is the customizing step in IMG screen of monthly installment plan?

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You can find the Installment plan setup under

Financial Acccounting (new)

Contract Accounti Recievable and Payable

Business Transactions

Deferral and Installment Plans

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