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On August 29th, I joined SAP Digital Business Services leaders at the University of Notre Dame Fall Consulting Symposium on campus.

Notre Dame’s Center for Career Development and its student advisory board have established that the pillars of this forum are: education, preparation and connections so the event provided different elements to address those priorities. The venue provided for more intimate conversations with students along with the opportunity to meet a lot of students and position SAP as an employer of choice.

SAP was a participant on the technology panel which focused on that relate to consulting in general, while also highlighting what makes SAP unique as a firm. The goal was for students to learn about technology consulting at a high level in the beginning of the session, and then dive into the panel questions like the ones below. The room was packed with many students standing in the back.

Typical Questions for a Panelist 

  • What makes your firm unique compared to other firms?

  • What do you think makes technology consulting especially important? And why would you encourage students to consider it?

  • Tell us about the types of clients your firm serves and the type of work you do in the technology industry, and if applicable, outside of the technology industry.

  • What key skills or abilities do you think set you up for success in technology consulting?

Over dinner we were able to mingle with other firms including many SAP business partners, faculty, student leaders, and individuals from the Center for Career Development.  This time provided the opportunity for us to discuss SAP themes including SAP Next-Gen.

The evening closed with a large networking event entitled The Connective. This was a career fair style event, where we hosted a table to share SAP Digital Business Services career opportunities along with other SAP Early Talent programs. We were pleased to speak with many students interested in the technology field and SAP in particular.