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Change within the Higher Education and Research industry is continuing at an unprecedented pace.  The dynamics of advanced learning models and superior service delivery require significant adaptation.  And yet, the economic structure of historic higher education business model is less and less sustainable.  Further, public support for education is diminishing and ever-increasing tuition and fees structures for 4 year degree programs that are no longer supportable, especially when reviewing those costs against diminishing opportunities within the competitive employment market.

Some may consider it a Perfect Storm for the industry.


In absolute terms, something must change, and leveraging technology for advanced learning and education mobility may be the panacea.  SAP believes that the necessary changes for student success will be driven by collaboration, simplicity, and cooperation across education and research institutions nationally, regionally, and globally.


Targeted at the upcoming the 2014 Annual Educause Event in Orlando September 30-October 2, SAP will outline revolutionary partnership plans to drive unprecedented innovation and value in student support systems.  To be clear, this “partnership” is not focused on industry and service partners, but targeted on client partners on the front-line of reinventing higher education – the Universities themselves.


The value to the education model that can be gained with information sharing and insights in today's wired society are unprecedented, and SAP believes Universities – as natural laboratories for change – are in an unprecedented position as cooperative partners to drive that evolution.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Press Release.