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On Friday March 22nd , the ASUG Chicago Chapter Meeting was held at the Harper College in Palatine Illinois. It featured an agenda item related to Next-Gen Innovation for chapter members. The meeting agenda provided an opportunity to highlight our plans for building our innovation network in the Midwest and invite ASUG members to participate in various ways. I was fortunate to be joined by Dr. Matt Liotine who serves as the coordinator of the SAP Next-Gen Chapter at the University of Illinois Chicago.

My portion of the presentation provided an overview of SAP Next-Gen, a purpose driven innovation community aligned with SAP’s commitment to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and supporting SAP’s 413,000+ customers across 25 industries and 7 Lines-of-Business in 180+ countries.

  • Partners with academia globally to prepare the SAP ready talent of the future for SAP and the ecosystem.

  • Enables faculty and teachers to educate next generation talents for the digital future with SAP skills, engage with SAP events, build industry partnerships, launch graduates in the SAP ecosystem, empower the digital university, and inspire young thinkers.

  • Inspires companies globally to explore digital innovation with purpose together with SAP.

  • Through methodologies such as science fiction thinking and purpose thinking, and through services such as innovation tours, boot camps, future of industry summits and more, the program connects companies with academia, startups, accelerators, tech community partners, purpose driven partners and institutions, venture firms, futurists and SAP experts for inspiration on the intelligent enterprise.

  • Connects companies which are pursuing profit and a higher social purpose to a global network of purpose partners, influencers, citizens, and SAP experts accelerating solutions to the SDGs, through curated events featuring thought leaders from academia, startups and accelerators, institutions, government leaders, and purpose driven celebrities and artists.

For 25 years, ASUG members have been at the forefront of digital transformation, and they have always had the company of fellow visionaries and pioneers who understood the potential of SAP technology and the path ahead. They are the collaborators, drivers, and inventors that move the industry forward. And they’re just getting started. You see, ASUG isn’t a place or a thing. It’s a connection—between professionals seeking the best ideas, answers, and advice on how to stay ahead of an ever-evolving technology landscape.

From the outside, ASUG is a huge organization of more than 100,000 members from thousands of companies—from global enterprises to startups—spanning traditional and emerging industries across North America. But the real power of ASUG lies in informal partnerships formed through knowledge-sharing and commitment to a common cause. ASUG has witnessed hundreds of these informal partnerships formed over 25 years, leading to thousands of problems solved day after day.

Through Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), year-round online educational programming and hands-on training, face-to-face events, and multiple channels of influence, ASUG connects its members to the people and information they need to keep their careers and companies moving forward.

The ASUG Mission: To help people and organizations get the most value from their investment in SAP technologies.