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SAP AG hosted a global Public Services Forum between May 7-9, 2014 in The Hague, Netherlands focused on the Public Services and Health (PS&H) industry group; a consolidated strategic industries portfolio designed to accelerate industry specific market outreach.

The strategic SAP Public Services group includes Public Sector, Higher Education, Defense & Security, an Health, helmed by General Manager Mark White.

At first glance, one might think a meeting of this nature is just another corporate gathering to celebrate success and refine go-to-market plans - But you would be wrong.  By virtue of the commitment SAP has made in elevating PS&H to a strategic industry segment, SAP has in-kind made a commitments to bring significant new resources and focus to these critical industry areas.

"SAP's strategy will focus on Clients First, Partners Second, and SAP Third."  Simon Paris, Global Lead, SAP Strategic Industries

Over 650 SAP group members and strategic partners were brought together to outline plans and to build relationships to make Simon's strategy a reality in PS&H.

The Higher Education and Research (HER) vertical, in particular, received considerable attention and focus.  Most of the current key portfolio solutions were highlighted, and in many cases were detailed and demonstrated along-side comparable and cooperative partner solutions that further extended the effectiveness of the solutions to meet acute client needs.

HER Sessions included:

  • Go-to-Market successfully with Higher Education and Research
  • How to Sell Student Lifecycle Management
  • Higher Education and Research in The Cloud
  • How to Work with SAP University Alliances
  • Big Data and Learning in Higher Education and Research
  • Opportunity Hunting: Higher Education and Research

Continual details will be forthcoming following The Summit, as plans are put into place and executed, with an emphasis on simplicity, and developing solutions that are delivered from the client's perspectives.