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A group of University of Notre Dame students had the opportunity to visit our SAP offices in Atlanta during their spring break recently. The visit was orchestrated by Notre Dame graduate and SAP Vice President Lloyd Burke who was graciously supported by several SAP colleagues listed below. The visiting students represented many academic disciplines that touch parts of the information technology spectrum at Notre Dame including Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science Engineering, and Science-Business Statistics. They were treated to a wonderful agenda featuring topics related to SAP solutions, data analytics and life at SAP.

Lloyd Burke provided the following recap:

“We had a great visit last week with an outstanding group of ND students.  The content was compelling, challenged the ND Students and presented SAP as an innovation thought leader!  We demonstrated IOT capabilities with some cool demos, showed how Alexa can be leveraged as well as our Asset Intelligence Network. John Sullivan challenged the students to think about Big Data (and Small Data) when drawing conclusions.  Bryan Kyser did a very nice job highlighting Concur Analytics capabilities. ND is a user of the Concur Solution!  Kim Wolcoveick provided a great overview of Working at SAP complete with our Forbes Great places to work ranking.  We ended the visit with a roundtable conversation including some newer SAP employees discussing life after graduation, challenges entering the workforce and how SAP has prepared and supported their growth.”

This was truly a terrific agenda that included:


  • Solution Experience and Cool Demo Presentation - Sabeel Siddiqi

  • Data Analytics Overview – John Sullivan

  • Concur Analytics Story – Brian Kyser

  • Working at SAP – Kim Wolcoveick

  • Academy Roundtable – Michael Riesterer, Christina Sievert and Sean Hamlin


The students were very grateful and thoroughly impressed by their experience at SAP. Some of their quotes are included below.

“Thank you so much for hosting me and the rest of the Notre Dame group this week. It was great to meet you and the rest of the SAP folks. You all provided a great look into what SAP does and how you use data and analytics. As a computer science major with a technical background, I truly learned a lot.” 

 “I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide more insight about SAP and data analytics at SAP. I was amazed by the influence SAP has in the business world. Visiting SAP helped me realize I have a strong interest in data analytics, and confirmed that I should further my education in that field. Thank you once again. I hope to stay in touch, and continue to tap into your wealth of knowledge and experiences.”

 “I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for taking the time to meet with me and my fellow Notre Dame students. Your time and insights are greatly appreciated, and I loved to see the demos of current SAP projects. I'll be sure to keep SAP in mind when applying for internships/jobs in the future.”

 “Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us yesterday. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about SAP and I was so impressed with the problem-solving culture that permeates throughout the company. It was particularly interesting to learn more about the mentorship opportunities, project fellowships, and career mobility within SAP and as a result, I will begin exploring career opportunities with SAP.”

 “Thank you again for organizing such an informative event and I really appreciate you being so generous with your time. It was fascinating to learn more about the various ways SAP affects the world while seeing real-world examples of the way that you and your team have been working to rethink and optimize different business problems and processes.”