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Throughout a lifetime, everyone engages with millions of people and have many different life experiences. Relationships range from the random, to the casual, to the personal. For every encounter, and in different circumstances, impressions are made; some weak, some strong. Memories are developed, and are similarly retained. Memories can be positive or negative, fleeting, randomly interesting, or deeply affecting. Many memories simply fade.

Yet, I believe a commonality exists across the world, and that has remained a constant across generations. People remember their teachers. Maybe we do not remember all of our teachers equally well, or have equal affinity for all of them. But, certainly there are marked areas of recollection, and more likely deeply affected memories. Teachers were those people that helped to educate you, influence you, and shape you in your earliest years? Aside from your Parents, Teachers are often likely the only other adult figures that had any measurable influence over your early life. As such, your teachers bore an enormous responsibility with a very difficult task. Perhaps this is why so many parents are uncomfortable today where politics or morals are too deeply introduced into curriculum.

As you age and reflect on your life, memories of school and teachers remain on some level. Yet, isn’t it interesting that in your memories those teachers are always the same age, and always look exactly the same. You have the yearbook to prove it?! Except the reality is quite different, especially as your school years are further and further behind you. Teachers have moved on, are very likely retired, or even possibly, very sadly they may be deceased.

While your teachers may have entered a new chapter in their lives, may have relocated to another State, and/or may be difficult to locate, you have a great opportunity in 2020: Social Media. Social media platforms for schools, classmates, and reunions are everywhere. The power of online searches has never been more significant, and networking and community sites abound. So, a recommendation to bring some positive to this challenging year of 2020: Use Social media for more than idle chatter, pointless snapchats or political rants. Do some online searches. Join a community network. Reconnect with one of your favorite teachers. Life is a life-long learning process. Your teachers helped you to begin your journey. Maybe just say “Thanks.”