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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


We are proud and pleased to inform you on the start of the Fiori CEI project for SAP Student Lifecycle Management!

The phase of the project "Fiori apps for SAP Student Lifecycle Management" has recently changed to  ‘Running’.

You can find more information via the following website (and also choose here to follow the project😞 Fiori Apps for SLcM

With this project we want to improve the user experience of SAP Student Lifecycle Management of key selected processes for the main stakeholders: Student, Faculty and Admin staff.

For one of the key student self-service processes 'Course Registration' we already have the first designs ready based upon direct input, feedback & reviews from the student themselves during Design Thinking sessions. We have run several of these International Design Thinking sessions with international groups of students (supported by University Alliances).

The next wave of Design Thinking sessions are currently being organized & planned with international SLcM customers to get direct customer input upfront of the design on the SLcM Fiori apps for Staff members.

Below you can find two ‘lab’ screens of the Fiori app we already have 'cooked' for the student self-services process of 'Course Registration':

Let us know if you have any questions!

PS Please note we will have a presentation on the HERUG on the topic of Fiori apps for Student Lifecycle Management!

Best regards,

SAP (Higher) Education& Research team