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My first SAP TechEd. First Executive keynote in the first row. First backstage.. I can continue counting first things too long, that’s the advantage when you are the early talent. Being selected for Cross-generational Intelligence program to have a chance to participate in TechEd Barcelona, it was something I was dreaming of and still can’t believe that it happened.


My TechEd journey started on Monday, I went to Fira de Barcelona directly from airport, where we agreed to meet with my professional expert to have a first guide tour. I was the luckiest one who won to be paired with @Andreas – manager of IT Event Services team. The team who made this event happen. I am honored to having spent this event with them and seeing how they do it. Just wow, they are IT heroes. Let me explain why.

When you come to SAP TechEd, everything works, so you don’t think how and why, you are just enjoying the event. But what is hidden behind the scenes? Production office, IT team, suppliers, all coming to venue 5 days before the official start date. 5 days of preparations for 3 days of event. All teams must work together, support each other. If something doesn’t work properly, everybody suffers. They work as One big family. It’s amazing to hear that our culture #Build bridges not silos is applied also externally.

And as SAP we love numbers, so here you are: 2 trucks with IT equipment arrived from Germany. More than 800 laptops in hall 8.0 with Hands-on, Lecture and Speaker Ready rooms. More than 40 telephones in Lecture and Hands-On rooms. Kilometers of cables, 15 km, 20 km, or even more? More than 4500 users connected to Wi-fi. We all know the moment when your neighbor starts using your network, immediately the speed decreases, while your irritation increases. But IT team ensures the perfect network for 4500 users during the whole event! The setup for Executive keynote, I was on backstage, it’s like in a movie. Just to recall: 45 IT team members and 5 days. Wow, isn’t it?

Let’s go back to SAP TechEd Barcelona. A new Wow! Lectures sessions, Hands-on workshops, SAP CodeJam, Code Review Sessions. What I really love about TechEd that this conference is aimed primarily at technology education, however it’s also the time for networking. You have an opportunity to meet the experts, developers, SAP Mentors, partners in person, to discuss the latest technology and even come up with new ideas during these three days. As I’m working in Sales organization, for me it’s especially valuable to discover that the IT world is not closed. I was motivated and inspired to learn as much as I could about technologies and I got the different point of view for my work. I really appreciate the support of our more experienced colleagues, who encouraged me to not be afraid to try something completely new for you.

Cross-generational Intelligence program supported by GBO Diversity&Inclusion team it is an amazing experience that gave me more than I could have expected. I’m so happy to meet all the experts and early talents in person and truly hope that it’s not our last meeting. Being the Early talent can sometimes be hard and challenging, but when you feel strong support from the management, when you are treated as a professional, when your ideas are heard and taken into account, as it’s in SAP, thus, only sky is the limit.