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Technology companies or companies using technological tools face challenges in a modern digital environment. Due to the competitive nature of the technology industry, change is a constant part of the business. Companies must be able to respond to rapidly changing conditions,  yet still compile to all standards.  How does a digital core with a true single source of truth help?

Responding to Rapid Changes

A digital core is an IT architecture that offers stability and long-term reliability for the core enterprise processes. Yet also provides the flexibility to adapt quickly to new opportunities, challenges and regulations. This is the concept of “bimodal IT”, a stable and reliable IT architecture, which handles end to end processes providing simulations and analytical capabilities, simplifies order commitments, empowers teams with individualized customer insight, supports business modes and connects to business networks. This solid foundation gives you a single source of truth which in turns enables flexibility for innovation, such as new business models, new regulations and business events such as mergers or acquisitions.

Simulation and Analytics

The ability to respond quickly is an essential part of managing a high tech company, to do this simulation, prediction and analytical capabilities are an important component.  Data is critical for insight to make decision.  This insight must be at a granular level, so that decision makers have the detail they need to understand trends, opportunities and risks.  This includes the ability to carry out what-if analysis using predictive algorithms quickly.

Keeping Data Under Control

Many companies have challenges in effectively leveraging all the data they collect.  This is not only having the computing capability to carry out complex algorithms with large data sets, so the analysis can happen in a timely, real time manner.  Everyone in the company must have access to data they need, whenever and wherever they need it. This also extends to the ecosystem so that the supplier stays up-to-date with a company's orders, that the sales people can see customer history for credit risk and stock information to provide accurate delivery schedules.   With this sort of data and analysis companies can then re-evaluate the services or products that are provided to customers. Also simulate the impact of providing bundles and services, which have the advantage of also improving customer experience.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Navigating New Business Opportunities with SAP S/4HANA

To meet evolving customer requirements, HPE deployed SAP S/4HANA on its own high-capacity hardware. As a result, it has simplified its IT landscape, saved IT running costs, and increased its business agility. Watch the video now:

The SAP S/4HANA is the next generation of enterprise resource planning and it offers a user-friendly experience for high tech companies. It allows users to access data from any device connected to the digital core.

Read the value paper to see how SAP S/4HANA delivers value for high tech companies.