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In a continuously changing landscape - how do you quickly respond to customer order or supply changes without affecting previous customer commitment ?

At Sapphire Orlando, learn how SAP enables responsible supply chain management that allows you to simulate customer commitments wth various priority dimensions when changes in demand and/or supply occurs.

At the High Tech Forum demo session, come and see how to simulate effects of customer commitments due to customer order changes, incoming supply changes or capacitiry constraints with near real-time response.

Session ID – 4876
Title:  Capture upside revenue while maintaining customer commitments

Date:  5/15/2013 at 2.30PM

Place: Forum D - Demo Theatre #1

Register here to attend SAPPHIRE and add this session to your personal agenda.

       There are many more supply chain and high Tech related sessions at SAPPHIRE, shared by customers and partners – look out for further announcements.

•       We look forward to seeing you at SAPPHIRE