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With or without Conversion Agent

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I was told that, within a new or newer version of the IAH adapter, SAP integrated the use of the Conversion Agent tool. So, no need to use it separately.

Also, the name shifted from HL7 adapter to IAH adapter.

Can anybody please give me more details/timings about these 2 things?

Thanks a lot



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Hi Dimitr

IAH Adapter has its own implementation for HL7 flat to XML conversions for HL7V2 XML's. The adapter only understand's HL7 mesages. This adapter has not used any component of Conversion Agent for transformation.

The conversion feature of IAH adapter was part of its very first release. It is upto customer or implementation partner to realize interfaces with or without Conversion Agent. The IAH adapter has no dependency to Conversion Agent.

The reson for name chage was that we were not legally allowed to use HL7 as the name of the adapter so we changed it to IAH.