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Updation of newly added fields at service level in N1CORD

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Need to create few new field at the position level in N1CORD (creation of clinical order) but not able to find any BADI for the same. Tried the same through enhancement the field is added but the value is not getting updated.

Any input on this.




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the possibilities for the creation of custom clinical order functionalities depend on whether you are an IS-H customer or an customer.

in ISH the options are limited to some predefined fields in a custom clinical order component delivered with the standard. see the respective documentation for that.

in you have a rather comprehensive functionality to enhance the clinical order not only by simple fields but by business functionality (bindable to certain state transitions, i.e. status changes) as well as check functionality, inclusion into the customizing (status dependant screen modifications), etc. due to the sustainable nature of this customer enhancement capabilities this functionality is not provided by BAdIs but by object orientation mechanisms, i.e. by deriving your custom corder-component from a base component, re-defining whatever you need and registering it as a regular clinical order component.

There is training as well as a cookbook available on how to create such components in For the cookbook, if you are a regular customer, got to , apply for a user (according to the directions given) if you do not yet have one and finally find the cookbooks under section Tutorials.

regards, anton