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Displaying Image in Document Category Created through N2T6

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Hi Experts,

I am Creating a Document Category in ISH from Tcode N2T6 i want to display the image on the Screen Created for Document Category.

Please let me know how to display image in document category.




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Hi Rajesh,

there are a few options to integrate images into a PMD application. At the end it depends on your use case. For example an image taken by CT would be shown using an external application, the DICOM viewer. On the other hand a simple picture used for illustration purpose can be easily integrated.

In case you want to use an external application, I would recommend to implement a button in the PMD or the application toolbar to call the viewer application.

In case you want to embed the picture into the PMD you have to utilize a Link element. There are a few implementations shipped with the standard delivery. For details check the online help [here|] In paticular please check the PICTURE link element type.

In addition you can also implement your custom link element type.

Also I would like to share with you, that in the next delivery, Siemens will shipped a link element type for image management. It was designed to work with various image management services, but for now we have a implementation with imagic ims only.

Hope this helps.

Axel Biernat

Siemens AG

Product Commercialize - Knowledge Transfer