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Have you been following the incredible momentum of SAP HANA and the top trending news of the NBA? Not being a sporting fan, I was intrigued and wanted to understand the reason for the excitement. What I discovered is quite remarkable: The NBA has 4.5 quadrillion segments of statistical data and with SAP HANA it can potentially offer real-time analysis to millions of fans. Not just the basic historical analytics but also advanced predictive analytics. The bottom line is that NBA fans can now become immersed in games like never before.

So how can you re-energize your business with SAP HANA just like the NBA? Here are a few examples featured in the SAP HANA use case repository that might inspire you.

  • Real-time offer Management: The challenge with on-line gaming is how to monetize products to generate revenue.  Bigpoint is a gaming company that offers Battlestar Galactica Online which has over 250 million registered users with over 60 online games generating 5000 events per second during a game. Using the speed of HANA they can analyze player behavior patterns to deliver personalized context relevant offers thus enabling them monetize their products and generate revenue.

  • Genome Analysis: The challenge with treating cancer is that we each have a very unique response to the disease and its treatment. With three billion base pairs that make up the DNA present in humans, Genome analysis is not only critical to diagnosing and treating patients but also requires huge volumes of genome data to be analyzed very quickly. MKI is an organization that offers cloud-based genome analytic services and can use the speed of HANA to provide results of analysis to doctors before the patient leaves the hospital at the end of the day.

  • Offer Performance Management. The challenge for Telco’s is today is combatting customer churn and non-renewal of lucrative multi-year subscriber contracts. Increased creation of promotional offers is just part of the answer. They also need to understand what is adopted or rejected by the subscribers in real-time. T-Mobile is able to use rapid analytics with HANA to quickly fine tune current and future campaigns.  

When it comes to the exciting possibilities of SAP HANA, the sky is the limit. Do you have an idea? Don’t delay, share your use case today.

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