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Hi developers

Recently I worked with APIs and discovered that they are well documented in the system, also with some sample programs.

There are some available APIs and they are developed under the interface IF_ISHMED_API.

The APIs are well documented and with sample programs, but you need to go to the class to view the documentation and open each specific program to see how it works.

I decided to develop a browser where you can see all available APIs under IF_ISHMED_API interface, so I created the project and published it on GitHub.

Looking for an API

It is easy to find all the APIs available in this module, just need to see the classes that implement the interface IF_ISHMED_API

To see the documentation you need to open each one of the classes and go to documentation or copy the sample programs to open them in a new window. API browser

The tool is very simple, in the first load you have the available APIs organized by namespace, so it will very helpful to find APIs for the standard, the new Model System, by other partners or developed by the customer, and the API documentation in the right part.

Once you choose an API, the available sample programs and the documentation is loaded.

From the sample programs ALV you can, for each of them:

  • Open the documentation for the report

  • Open a new window with the source code

  • Execute the program


The APIs are well developed in (with documentation and sample programs) but a utility to search and know what the objective is and how it works is a pending issue that I tried to resolve.

I hope you will find the tool useful.


Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments with us.

Remember that everyone can collaborate on the project.