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Excitement is growing rapidly at SAP in anticipation of our first intelligent building forum.  It has been encouraging to see the support we have from our partner community in establishing an open dialogue on this subject.  This is going to be an interesting event because of the input we are going to have from leading building systems providers like Honeywell and Siemens.  Companies with real estate portfolios ranging from retail, commercial real estate, public sector and more will have a unique chance to have open dialogue with companies that provide their building systems and need to make them more intelligent. 

What exactly do companies need from their building automation suppliers to help make their buildings more intelligent?  I am really excited to hear from Rick Lisa Director, Worldwide, M2M Business Development, Embedded Sales Group, Intel Corporation.  I am especially excited in hearing about what Intel has been doing with their clean room facilities for many years.  The innovative design of Hudson Yards is going to peak the interest of participants and really help paint a picture of what is possible in this space.  What are the most impactful innovations you would include in a project you were starting today that would make your building intelligent?