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This is the final post in a series on how the intersection of 3D and business data can be leveraged throughout the lifecycle of a facility.  Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

Once a building or facility has been turned over from the contractor to the owner or facility manager, all of the data accumulated through the preconstruction and construction phases should be transmitted electronically for quick import into the facility manager's software of choice.  Since this data has been collected and integrated as the facility was built, an as-built 3D model is accompanied with relevant and linked information including commissioning and quality test results, photos of in-process and completed work, equipment serial numbers, warranty information, and maintenance manuals.

The facility manager can then immediately begin using all of this data to manage the facility, and continue to build on it using their facility management software.  For example, a maintenance technician may receive a work order on a mobile device, and pull up a 3D model that shows not just the location of the equipment to be serviced, but also a visualization of other open tickets or upcoming preventive maintenance items that they are qualified to perform.  When they get to the equipment, they pull up a list of previous work orders for the equipment, along with the warranty information and maintenance manual.  Think of how much more efficient the maintenance staff could be!

The 3D model can also serve as a data input aide.  For example, a facility manager may be walking on the roof and notice a piece of equipment is leaking.  Even if the serial # or barcode is faded or painted over, they can identify the equipment by selecting it on the model, and create a work order in just a few taps of their tablet.

At SAP, we're very excited to be co-innovating with our customers to make everything I've talked about in this series a reality.  In fact, I'll be presenting the results along with one of our contracting customers at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando this week.  If you're there, stop by our Expert Table at location IL104 or catch the presentation in the demo theater in Forum D Tuesday at 2:00.  For those of you who can't attend in person, here's a preview (click here for the high-resolution version):

What's stopping your construction company, corporate real estate department, or property management company from combining the world of 3D with business data to delight your users or customers, become more efficient, and set yourselves apart from your competition?