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Demystify AI in Construction

Predicting the future is a complex and often speculative endeavor, and there is no foolproof method for doing so. You can rely on Astrology and read Nostradamus book "Les Prophéties," a collection of ...


SAP Partner Webinars for Construction and Real Estate

SAP is continuously enabling all Construction and Real Estate Partners to create a collaborative ecosystem, extend its market reach, enhance product offerings, and provide better support and services ...


RFI's or Navigating the Art of Waiting

Idle time refers to periods during which resources, such as equipment, machinery, labor, or facilities, are not actively engaged in productive work. Idle time can occur for various reasons and can hav...


A Hard Hat Is Not Enough: IoT Is Saving Lives In Qatar

Construction sites are dangerous places, but SAP and SK Solutions are keeping this one in Qatar safe and secure with software designed to saves lives. Standing on a roadside in Qatar where camel once...


SAP Cloud for Real Estate Announced

On September, 12-13, the 11th International and 19th German SAP Conference on Real Estate Management 2016 brought together SAP customers, partners and interested parties to exchange the latest trends ...


The Construction Industry will be at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016

The Commodore 64 , introduced in 1982, remains the best-selling single personal computer model of all time and I believe this to be so because it was priced right, readily available, and arrived at an...


How to Attract and Retain Skilled Construction Workers

By Luke MarsonIt’s no secret that the construction industry is facing an unprecedented shortage of skilled workers. The industry’s worker exodus during the financial crisis of the 2000s and retiring b...


Digitalization and Industrialization in Construction

Digitalization and Industrialization of the construction process facilitated by topics like BIM and Lean Construction are supposed to drive the transformation of this industry. The result will be an i...

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