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Mmo1 material creation

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Im having a problem with transaction mm01. The problem is new material creation. When a template is taken some fields are not filled with the data which are present in reference product. To solve the mentioned problem i must manualy fill the fields with required data. This is very time consuming. I need a transaction in which i will specify the fields which are taken from reference material or a new faster way of material creation.

In advance i thank you for all your responses.


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Hi Marko,

When you are trying to copy an old material (source material) to a new material through transaction code MM01, you need to select view like Basis data 1, Basic data 2, MRP 1 to 4 etc. Say if there is no data in any of the views that you selected while copying your source material, those fields in that view will be blank and you need to enter that data manually.

You can create material in mass using BAPI or using BDC. Please talk to your ABAP guy for making BAPI or BDC for you to upload material master data.