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Butterball sells nearly a billion pounds of turkey each year and is a bestselling turkey brand during the Thanksgiving holiday. Why? Is it because of the decadent Butterball name that conjures images of plump, juicy turkeys? Is it because the company understands its customers? Or is it because the company simply runs better than its competitors?

Like an overstuffed Thanksgiving plate that includes all of the trimmings, turns out it’s a little bit of everything.

First, there is no secret behind the company name. It means what it says. From the Butterball web site:

The Butterball turkey was introduced in 1954, the product named for its broad breast and plump, round shape.

Butterball understands its customers too, steadily building brand loyalty over the years during the holidays with its “Butterball Talkline.” According to CBS News, 50 trained experts have helped one million customers over the past few weeks on e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and over the phone. They get about 12,000 phone calls on Thanksgiving Day alone from customers in a jam that need quick advice and emergency cooking tips.

And from a business and IT perspective, Butterball knows how to reduce operational costs, enable rapid acquisitions and create products (they sell much more than turkey) that delight consumers. SAP software plays a juicy role.

“We have definitely realized benefits and better visibility to our data,” said Ron Wells, CIO, Butterball LLC regarding his company’s use of SAP. “We feel like we have that good, strong foundation.”

To those observing, Happy Thanksgiving!

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