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Changes in consumer behavior have a cascading effect on your company. As a consumer products business, you need to have insights into those changing trends rapidly, as you want to align every aspect of your operations to the shifting needs of your customers. Anticipating demand for innovate products becomes crucial. With faster, increased visibility into demand you can synchronize your supply chain, translate demand signals rapidly into shop-floor orders, and quickly respond to market changes and threats. Ultimately you can then put out the right promotions to the right people at the right time, across the various channels, and achieve optimized business outcomes plus happy shoppers.

SAP Service and Support can help your company get from vision to value. Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW and learn how you can:

Take the Guesswork Out of Trade Promotions with Predictive Analytics (SC21990)

Focus on promotions that are most likely to achieve objectives by making data-driven decisions based on predictive analytics. Understand price and time sensitivity, true net lift, and volume drivers. Simulate promotions, regular business, and customer plans. Create demand management models, forecast planned promotions, and optimize account plans.

Use Point-of-Sale Data for Real-Time Consumer Demand Visibility (IN20945)

Learn how to better anticipate consumer demand, improve forecast accuracy, help ensure on-shelf availability, mitigate risk of lost sales, and improve trade promotion. See how Johnsonville Sausage uses real-time reporting and advanced analytics on massive volumes of retail point-of-sale data with SAP Demand Signal Management powered by SAP HANA.

Explore Promotion Sensing and Optimization in Consumer Products (IN20952)

Maximize every promotion dollar you spend with innovations in trade promotion, such as ongoing data integration, advanced analytics, and consulting services. Explore hosted, subscription-based offerings, including the SAP Trade Promotion Optimization and SAP Demand Signal Management applications, along with the SAP HANA platform.

Simplify the Management of Your Interfaces for Greater Savings (SC21391)

Minimize the time and effort needed to build and maintain interfaces and perform daily operations such as error handling. Discover how to simplify these tasks and realize huge cost savings with the SAP Application Interface Framework tool.

Simplify Business Operations by Integrating On-Premise and Cloud Solutions (SC21946)

Jump-start integration projects and speed the delivery of business innovation. Create a real-time connection between your back-end software landscape and your cloud solution using the SAP Application Interface Framework tool. Enhance standard integrations like enterprise services with additional logic such as value mappings and data enrichments.

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