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What if you were to take a survey of 1,000 retail outlets that sell your company’s products – how many would you be able to call a “Perfect Store”?  How many would fall below the minimum standards you may have?  Maybe a better question would simply be - do you have real time visibility into what is taking place at the point of sale?  Companies today have impressive strategies, tactics, goals and objectives.  Unfortunately they, most often than not, fall short in their ability to execute on them – leading to reduced sales, profits and market share.

So what exactly is a “Perfect Store”?  It’s all about having the right product, in stock, at the right time, at the right price. It’s a methodology that makes the most of the information and takes a highly disciplined approach to achieving maximum sales.  Today’s best-run consumer product companies understand that “standardized” does not mean “inflexible.” Standardized processes that can be tailored for individual customers enable you to optimize sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction.  How well you execute the processes supporting sales, marketing, and service will directly impact your success. By becoming “best in class” in these areas, you have an opportunity to distinguish yourself in the eyes of your customers and your consumers. You position yourself to deliver – consistently – the Perfect Store experience.

SAP Retail Execution is a mobile app designed to help companies achieve their “Perfect Store” strategy.  How?  SAP Retail Execution uses standardized processes and best practices to help improve the productivity of your sales representatives and merchandisers during their retail store visits.  Some of the key business processes that are improved include: 

•       Retail visit planning – implement the right coverage model for your accounts to maximize your in-store presence

•       Managing activities and tasks – a standardized approach for your sales and merchandising actions

•       Conducting  surveys and audits – validate distribution, execution, pricing, and competitive intelligence 

•       Performing compliance checks – authenticate promotions, contracts and marketing campaigns

•       Creating sales orders and returns – product listings, quick orders, prior orders, my proposals  

Learn more about the SAP Retail Execution mobile app by watching this short video. Also, see what our customers Carlsberg and Ferrero are experiencing with SAP Retail Execution.

Let’s talk Retail Execution

I will be at the upcoming CGT Sales and Marketing Summit from June 3rd till the 5th. Please stop by our SAP booth to discuss Retail Execution, “Perfect Store” and how SAP can help you run better!

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