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Among ongoing economic uncertainty, tight margin pressures and an unyielding global growth imperative, the emphasis for consumer products companies on optimizing trade spend has never been greater. SAP offers for this business challenge SAP Trade Promotion Optimization application to help companies make the most of trade promotion spend. To ensure a jump start on their journey to trade promotion optimization, SAP released in addition a rapid-deployment solution for trade promotion planning and optimization.

SAP Trade Promotion Optimization uses advanced modeling and predictive analytic capabilities to provide visibility into both forward-looking performance guidance and backward-looking performance analytics. The application enables consumer products companies to perform what-if simulations based on retail point-of-sale, syndicated retail measurement data, market research data and order history and other internal data. In doing so, they can obtain reliable recommendations for promotional activity, from individual events to annual promotion plans. Users can assess and define the best promotion opportunities for a given product, such as discounts, rebates or premiums, and take into consideration effects such as seasonality, holidays, product availability, store closures, cannibalization of products and price changes.

The SAP Trade Promotion Planning and Optimization rapid-deployment solution leverages SAP and industry best practices to enable a template-driven approach for quick implementation and deployment. At the same time, it provides consumer products companies the flexibility to modify and adjust their business processes and predictive models over time based on business growth and observed results. Companies that leverage the SAP rapid-deployment solution for trade promotion planning and optimization can expect time to value in as little as 12 weeks!

Together with the rapid-deployment solution for SAP Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis SAP offers a powerful bundle to ensure a smooth implementation of several business scenarios in the area of Trade Promotion Management.

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