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Aiola’s AI-powered engine helps business managers make data-driven decisions & increase ROI

Today, business users are primarily responsible for a company’s core operational and commercial decision processes. However, these individuals are often disconnected from the advanced analytics and data teams in their organizations. Simply put, CPGs’ decision makers aren’t making enough data-driven decisions, and ultimately missing out on the opportunity to maximize sales and boost ROI.

Enter Aiola.

Aiola developed a super powerful virtual analyst that helps CPG managers in the sales, marketing, trade, and planning departments make better data-driven decisions. While an analyst’s mother tongue is “data science” and a sales manager speaks “business language,” Aiola‘s virtual analyst bridges the communication gap between teams.

Putting the AI in Aiola

Aiola uses an AI engine that draws on both internal and external data sources, giving quick, reliable, and insightful answers to any question or problem. Aiola’s domain-specific advanced analytics breaks down data silos, seamlessly integrates consumer data from the ERP, CRM, and BI systems, and uses deep learning to provide accurate forecasting.

Just as colleagues may use Slack, Microsoft Teams, and even WhatsApp to communicate, users can chat with Aiola’s virtual analyst through the medium they love to work with. A user can ask Aiola any question, such as “Which promotion will maximize sales?” or “What will cookie sales look like until the end of the month? In the next twelve months?” and within moments, Aiola will provide a data-backed and reliable answer.

The Chatbot that Brings Results

A treasure trove of growth opportunities for CPGs. Aiola’s manager-friendly interface increases dramatically the trust and usage of data and analytics and specifically helps optimize trade promotions, curates market share insights and analysis, provides accurate forecasts for demand and sales planning, and strengthens product innovation efforts. Using Aiola, CPGs can gain a 15–20% ROI boost on promotions, a 3–5% category revenue increase for sales managers, improved valuations, and more accurate forecasting.

Innovating with SAP & The SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv

According to SAP’s 2020 Consumer Products Industry Report, of all the global change vectors, technological advancements have the biggest impact on how CPGs will transform and meet the needs of their customers. Aiola’s use of conversational AI is critical in allowing CPGs to maximize performance and meet the needs of consumers. CPGs must exceed consumer demand, and Aiola’s ability to help them make data-driven decisions quickly will allow them to deliver with speed.

Aiola participated in the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Products Cohort and became an SAP Partner Edge Integrate Partner. Aiola is integrating into SAP Sales Cloud, where SAP’s CPG customers will be able to leverage Aiola’s intelligent application kits for sales management in order to improve predictive capabilities and optimize trade promotions.

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