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If you’re a consumer products executive and you’re planning to atend SAPPHIRE the week of June 2nd, either in person in Orlando or virtually, we’ve put together a compelling agenda designed to showcase innovations specifically for consumer products along with success stories from other leading consumer products companies.  What are some examples?

No doubt you’ve heard the buzz in the industry about Big Data.  Well, at SAPPHIRE several consumer products companies will be sharing their experiences transforming big data into actionable insights and, more importantly, business results.

For example, Beiersdorf will share its experience developing sales performance and market share analysis for its Nivea and Eucerin brands of skin care products using retailer point of sale (POS) and retail syndicated measurement data.  By leveraging the SAP Demand Signal Management solution powered by SAP HANA, the company can now gather 3rd party data in varying formats and from varying intervals, harmonize it, leverage sales history to forecast for any gaps in the data and deliver near real-time reporting for its sales and marketing teams to use to monitor market conditions and build competitive advantage.  For more information, visit our blog about this session on the SAP Community Network.

In another session, Unilever will share its experience with the SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) on the SAP HANA Platform to enhance and accelerate every aspect of its supply network planning, including demand, forecast, calendar, event, and customer-driven supply chain process models. Unilever is leveraging APO and SAP HANA to model its supply network, set goals, and forecast, optimize, and schedule time, materials, and other
resources, including synchronizing logistics, transportation, and fulfillment operations with customer and consumer demand forecasts as well as  various
supply sources to facilitate demand driven manufacturing and fulfillment processes. Unilever will share its’ findings and the outcomes driving its’ business case.

And, more generally across a variety of business topics, Colgate-Palmolive will share how it’s leveraging the SAP Demand Signal Management solution powered by SAP to capture and leverage big data from internal and external sources to improve forecasts, increase sales, accelerate trade promotion planning and better understand customer and consumer dynamics.

SAP will also showcase a number of innovative solutions in the Industries Campus area at SAPPHIRE for leveraging big data to become consumer driven.

First, best practices for Integrated Business Planning solution which enables supply chain teams to build on a Sales & Operations Planning framework and methodology to enable much closer collaboration with finance, sales, marketing and other enterprise teams to plan and evaluate options to forecast demand consistently across plan dimensions, optimize the supply chain, minimize inventory costs, avoid capacity and material shortages, and react quickly to volatile demand with SAP Sales and Operations Planning powered by SAP HANA.

Likewise, SAP will also demonstrate innovations in trade promotion management and Trade Promotion Optimization in particular, giving consumer products companies the tools they need to monitor promotion results in real-time to validate every dollar spent on trade promotions, increase spend effectiveness, and leverage predictive analytics to accelerate and optimize future promotions to achieve revenue, volume and profitability objectives both for consumer products companies and their retailer partners.

These are just a few examples of the compelling customer and SAP sessions you’ll find at SAPPHIRE Orlando relating to innovations for leveraging Big Data.  For more information on these and other sessions available visit the SAPPHIRE agenda builder for Consumer Products.  We look forward to seeing and participating with you in Orlando!