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Will you be asking the right questions about big data when you attend the CGT Sales & Marketing Summit (#CGSM13) in New York? Since the headline of this event is “Datatopia: From Big Data to Meaningful Customer Dialogue,” you should be to get the most from this event!

Discussions around data and analytics are getting equal billing with the business process topics at this event.  Big Data has become one of the most talked about consumer products industry topics over the last eighteen months. 

Why Understanding Big Data’s Relationship With Consumer Products Is Important To You

What’s driving the conversation, however, is not fundamental changes to consumer products sales and marketing business processes or the sudden availability of new and different data sets but, rather, a confluence of capabilities that finally enable CP companies to capitalize on what has historically been an aspirational promise of big data but that now has become a practical reality.

In-memory computing, flexible cloud-based deployment options, extensible mobile platforms and solutions, and efficient solutions for real-time demand signal management capabilities can change existing business processes. However, they often make existing business processes simpler, faster and smarter.

4 Big Data Discussions To Have At The CGT Sales & Marketing Summit

Consider how some of the topics to be covered at the upcoming CGT Sales & Marketing Summit are made simpler, faster and smarter by leveraging these capabilities and, specifically,big data.

Big Data & Real-time Social Media Monitoring. By monitoring social media in real-time, consumer products companies can develop ongoing measures of consumer sentiment and leverage that qualitative analysis to very quickly assess the effects of pricing, packaging or merchandising changes or marketing or promotion campaigns on consumer perceptions of brand image and brand value.

Using Big Data To Optimize Trade Promotions. CP companies can now also leverage real-time order and shipment data along with daily retailer point-of-sale data and weekly or monthly syndicated retail measurement data to develop increasingly targeted and tailored promotions, optimized to meet both the CP company’s and the retailer’s revenue, volume and profitability targets.

Leveraging Big Data To Monitor Promotion Performance. Through in-memory computing and real-time demand sensing, CP companies can also monitor promotion performance as it happens, quickly identifying exceptions and opportunities and further leveraging promotion optimization both to respond profitably to market dynamics and to improve the underlying models to ensure even more accurate, targeted promotions going forward.

Enabling the Perfect Store, Powered By Big Data. Targeted, accurate forecasts coupled with optimized promotions help to ensure availability to meet demand in stores at the shelf.  Extending in-store execution to manufacturer sales reps further enables on shelf availability by ensuring adequate inventory availability on a store-by-store basis; price, promotion and merchandising compliance; and rapid resolution and settlement of claims and returns – all of which translates to more face time with store managers for strategy and relationship development.

All of these processes are enabled and extended by the practical, affordable availability and accessibility of real-time big data from a wide variety of sources.  And, what’s more, processes like these are further integrated by access to internal and external data enterprise-wide, enabling and promoting better cross-functional communication and collaboration internally as well as with retailers and suppliers.

SAP will be featuring a number of solutions at the upcoming CGT Sales & Marketing Summit that address the opportunities associated with Big Data for Sales & Marketing. Please follow @SAP_CP to stay up on the CGT Sales & Marketing social media conversation. We’ll be Tweeting using the hashtag combination #SAP and #CGT2013.

Please visit with us to see how our new solutions for Demand Signal Management, Retail Execution, Trade Promotion Management and Optimization, and Social Media Analytics can address your big data opportunities.  For more CGT Sales & Marketing Summit information, check out the full conference agenda online.

Do you have a question about the 4 big data discussions to have at The CGT Sales and Marketing Summit? I’d like to help you answer them. Please email me at