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October is always a busy month in the Adams' household.  My son's birthday is 2 days before Halloween - that always adds a little excitement as we head into the extended holiday season.  This year, he is joining the ranks of 'teenager' as well.  Ugh.  October is also a huge scouting month in the household - camping on the weekends, and managing our only fundraiser (selling popcorn). 

Amidst all the family chaos, the inevitable fourth quarter at SAP always brings its own set of challenges - reorgs, close the deals, change the marketing portfolio, redo the assets for FKOM, etc.  On top of that, let's throw in a few key industry events...

This year, the annual ChemITC conference will be held on October 29-31st at the CSC facility in Falls Church, VA.  The topic of cloud-computing, with in-memory technology for Big Data, will take center stage.  I will be showcasing our new Sales and Operations Planning solution, which is deployed in the cloud and features HANA (TM) technology for rapid simulation and scenario planning. 

2 weeks later, SAP will be one of the sponsors to SCM Chem in Phoenix Nov.12-14th.  In addition to featuring Sales and Operations Planning, we will also be showcasing Global Batch Traceability.  This event attracts many line of business executives with a focus on supply chain operations.  SCM Chem also has deployed the roundtable concept that is similar to speed dating (trust me, I know nothing about speed dating...).  The simple idea is that I get to facilitate a discussion on S&OP at a table of 10 customers - the conversation lasts for 10 minutes, and then I rotate to a new table.  This allows me to meet nearly every participant and gather some feedback on a key business topic. 

I also have some customer travel scattered thru the fourth quarter - the 'Best Run Chemical Company' concept continues to draw much interest with customers.  The BRCC allows customers to view the entire landscape, review transformational solutions, and then match up their own business processes with a clear roadmap. 

So, yes, life is busy, but it's all good.  Would love to hear what is on your schedule as you head into the fourth quarter as well!

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