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Despite its maturity digital change is impacting the chemical industry more and more. Digitally assisted formulation of innovative products, smart manufacturing, intelligent asset management, and adaptive logistics are the building blocks for what is called industry 4.0 in the chemical industry. Given the automatic and autonomy of chemical production – once the technical conditions are set up the chemical reaction runs amenable to the laws of physics – the conditions for smart manufacturing in chemicals are perfect since it allows to take sensor data into consideration to get an understanding of what determines most quality, yield and energy consumption. Talking about this with customers predictive quality is one if not the most desired smart production use case in chemicals. But how can this be achieved given the heterogeneity of chemical production processes? The response to it is the democratization of digital techniques such as artificial intelligence in the sense of making those available to everybody not to data scientists only. You want to hear more about this in particular and industry 4.0 in general? Then attend the I4.NOW panel  on the first day of International SAP Conference for Chemicals – a virtual event taking place April 27-29.

To illustrate the power of democratization of intelligent technologies we have created a concept to gather data from different sources (sensor data and ERP), train a ML model and predict the quality of a polymer batch. This is done based on SAP´s Business Transformation Platform using its data intelligence, data warehouse, artificial Intelligence, and cloud analytics component. It will be made available as an SAP standard demo, but we also offer a half-day workshop where customers can try it out by themselves. Business users understand how AI leveraged by SAP technology can help even occasional users to further improve production, technology experts with AI knowledge get to know SAP´s technology stack and both groups can see that SAP is much more than an ERP vendor providing technology solutions that serve business purposes making us a relevant partner in the context of industry 4.0
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