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Although digital technology has been around for several decades, the concept of digital transformation is just beginning to take shape. Digital technology has grown to the point where it is now reshaping the environment in which modern business takes place. Business processes are becoming more fluid. Traditional business models are being disrupted by digital strategies with fewer hard assets, and greater connectivity and mobility.

While many companies are taking steps to evolve their strategy, many others still are struggling to determine what a digital transformation entails. There are countless definitions of digital transformation but not all truly embrace the extent of the coming change in the business landscape. To help you understand how we define digital and how we see the digital future unfolding, I have put together a selection of must read articles on the topic. 

1)     What “Digital” Really Means

As the titles suggests, this article is a great resource to learn more about what digital technology is all about. Here you will find discussion on how businesses are manipulating digital technology to improve and graduate their current practices into the digital age.

2)     Digital Transformation: From Digitization to True Transformation

Digital transformation is more than simply an operational upgrade. To truly transform, companies have to examine the ways that technology can enhance or evolve their business model. This article gives great insight into digital upgrades and how they can enable a true transformation.

3)     2015 Chemical Trends

The chemicals industry is seeing some exciting new applications of digital technology many of which may lead to entirely new strategies and industry sectors. This article details what chemical manufacturers can expect going forward in 2015 and beyond.

4)     Digital Future for B2B Interactions in Chemicals Industry

Digital technology is rapidly changing the methods in which businesses interact with one another. With this increase in connectivity, and consequently, visibility, chemical businesses can expect new forms of interaction in the coming years. This article discusses how business to business interactions will be transformed by digital technology.

5)     SAP Executives on what Digital Transformation Means for CIOs

Increasingely, CIO’s are taking on new responsibilities to guide their organization into the digital age. Many organizations are even dismissing the position in favor of  the CDO. This article discusses the affect that digital trends are having on the traditional role of  the CIO.

6)     Why Digital Transformation is the New Black

“Digital” has certainly been one of the most prominent topics in the first half of 2015, but why is it generating so much discussion? This article has the answers.

7)     Learning from the Dodo

Much like the like the famous flightless bird, many of the most successful businesses of the 20th century have fallen off the map. This article discusses successes and failures in adaptability as well as how companies should model there approach in the next half of the decade.

Digital transformation is certainly an exciting and sometimes frightening transition for many organizations but with the right level of preparedness and a thorough understanding of what’s to come, many corporations will benefit greatly from the change.

To gauge where your company is on the digital transformation highway, we invite you to take our survey. Of course we welcome any comments or questions as well.

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