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Just listened to this recorded  web cast by Josh Bersin Principle Deloitte Consulting, Principle and founder of Bersin by Deloitte

In this 1 hour presentation Josh covers a variety of topics in Talent Management, how it is changing, and what new issues have risen.

He delves into the challenges companies face today

  1. Internal Issues
  2. Business
  3. Work Issues attracting & retention
  4. Management of Talent
  5. Leadership

Then he covers in more detail

  1. Talent Acquisition
  2. Performance Management
  3. Engagement & Retention
  4. Continuous Learning
  5. Global Leadership
  6. Big data and Analytics

He makes a lot of sense in his description on how HR is shifting from automation and integration to optimization at a global level. As he points out local factors have to be taken into account. The actions that are taken in a market where there are sufficient skills available (but with low demand) are different than in a market where there are inadequate skills available, but high demand. While the processes might be standardized, you must be able to optimize the process at the  local level.

He also talked a lot about the "employment brand" , how employees feel about working for the company, and how this needs to part of the marketing of the company. HR and corporate market should be friends.

I'll really appreciated his comments on performance appraisals. Having been on the receiving end all my working life I always wondered if there was any benefit. Starting at approximately 22: min, he confirms my feelings, not worth much, most companies have been doing it wrong. And how progressive companies are going from Competitive Assessments to Coaching and Development, and are going away from a yearly cycle to more of a continuous process.

At about 28 min he has some very good observations on millennials and how they view the world of business.

At about 50 min. he gives a quick over of  topic of analytics in human resources, and how data is becoming a really important part of HR, but the profession is still in the early stages of using data.

I found the the whole presentation insightful , and full of examples and references.

If you would like to listen to the presentation, reserve 60 min. and use this link

I hope you enjoy the presentation as much as I did. For further information on SAP SuccessFactor talent solutions, please use the following link

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