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Our series, Strategic Imperatives for the Chemical Industry discusses the issues that industry organizations are most concerned about going forward in 2015. Based on extensive research performed by the Eventful Group, these key issues come directly from players in the industry ranging from small blossoming organizations to the household name manufacturing giants.

In this issue we will discuss the importance of consumerized, intuitive user interfaces for your employees and for your business. If you missed or would like to revisit the previous entries in our series, please follow the links below.

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The user experience as defined by the community is measured by four key components: the organization has the correct work processes in place and embedded, the design and architecture of the solution is optimal, the users’ needs have been understood and met, and the end users have received the proper training on usage and functionality of the system.

Organizations are seeking to capture data in real-time, when and where it is generated. Companies must develop a useable workflow. If they don’t, they risk the loss of data and sacrifice data accuracy. Operators on the shop-floor aren’t the ones demanding technology, so when usage of that technology is difficult or doesn’t make sense, they abandon or fail to use it appropriately or accurately. They are comparing ease of use with an iPad or Amazon, industry leading consumer user experiences which provide easy interaction and intuitive functionality, a very difficult expectation to live up to, particularly with the incoming generation of workers.

  • What are the best practices for initial, basic and ongoing end user training to maximize user adoption and enhance the perceived user experience?
  • How do UX enhancements and the business value of providing them change from one function to another throughout the organization?
  • What are the best usability enhancement case studies?
  • How can the IT organization and the business work together to create a user interface (UI) that has the optimal user experience (UX)?
  • Organizations are seeking best practices to make it easier and less cumbersome for end users by creating fewer screens and requiring fewer clicks. How can all, or as many as possible, systems be integrated to create a single source of input?
  • How have organizations developed the business case for usability enhancements, and how did they calculate a cost comparison for available options?
  • What are the best mechanisms for combating lack of user adoption based on perceived lack of usability?
  • Strong leadership understands the importance of simplification and its effects on usability and adoption
  • What are the use cases where organizations have deployed  user interface technology successfully to maximize user adoption, create a better user experience and lead to greater system-based productivity?
  • What are the most successful use cases on applying innovative UI/UX enhancements to mobile platforms?

Are you also facing those issues above? To get answers to these, and other top industry questions, be sure to participate in our SAP Best Practices for Chemicals Conference on March 14-16, 2016 at the Woodlands Waterway, Texas.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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