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Our series, Strategic Imperatives for the Chemical Industry discusses the issues that industry organizations are most concerned about going forward in 2015. Based on extensive research performed by the Eventful Group, these key issues come directly from players in the industry ranging from small blossoming organizations to the household name manufacturing giants.

Welcome back! In this issue we will talk about the potential impact innovative technologies have on creating business value. In case you missed previous parts of this series, please refer to links below..

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From current solutions that leverage IoT technology, mobility and advancements in in-memory and cloud computing – to the more cutting edge innovations in augmented reality and advanced visualizations -chemical companies are seeking to roll-out the latest technologies when applicable and when a clear business value can be demonstrated.

The chemical community has a strong interest in wanting to better understand the business value and benefits of in-memory technology. Businesses are seeking ways to reduce complexity throughout their business processes, the mechanisms by which their systems support their business and through the interface and employee user experiences within those systems. Organizations are also eager to learn how new user interface technologies can be leveraged solely or alongside in-memory technology to reduce organization wide complexity and increase efficiency and productivity.


  • How are companies developing the business case for mobility programs and where is the greatest value being realized? How does this value and ROI differ from approach to approach and from function to function?
  • How can organizations best leverage mobility technology?
  • Some chemical organizations have instituted Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and policies―what are the implications of these policies and what are the best practices surrounding them? How does the cost-benefit analysis change throughout different functions in the value chain?
  • What are the IP and data security implications of enabling the workforce with mobile devices? What are the compliance implications?
  • What is the best mobile strategy? What are the most effective use cases of mobility solutions in the chemical industry?

In-Memory Computing

  • How can 3rd generation in-memory platforms best be leveraged by chemical companies?
  • What functions and business processes are currently enabled by such platforms?
  • Will such platforms be rolling out a set of specific industry solutions?
  • What are the evidenced use cases and business values for migrating to in-memory platforms?
  • What are the best practices and most common pitfalls experienced when migrating to an in-memory solution?

Cloud Computing

  • How can cloud computing and data storage transform the way by which the company stores and leverages its vast amount of data?
  • How can chemical best protect again threats to data in the cloud?
  • How can technology leaders best demonstrate the business value for cloud computing and communicate its advantages to leadership and across the organization?


To get answers to these, and other top industry questions, come and see us at our SAP Best Practices for Chemicals Conference on March 14-16, 2016 at the Woodlands Waterway, Texas.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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