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Through a research period of four months, Eventful Conferences has conducted extensive interviews with 50+ chemical industry companies, and held two roundtable events in key chemical industry locations – Philadelphia, PA and Houston, TX. The intention of the research is to summarize the most common and critical challenges that the industry must address – crucial to their success. These pain points have been identified by the industry during the roundtables and throughout the interviews. The Best Practices for Chemicals Conference will strive to address each challenge, pain point and trend by providing solution-oriented presentations, backed by specific evidence and packaged to provide the audience with clear takeaways on how to achieve similar results.

In this issue we will discuss what it means and needs to keep up with a rapidly changing world and technology environment. If you missed or would like to revisit the previous entries in our series, please follow the links below.

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  1. Keeping up with a changing World

As with all things technology – cell phones, computers – the types and amount of products available are overwhelming. And once a product is purchased, many can’t help but feel that it has already changed or been updated, before it can be truly leveraged. This poses a challenge not only in terms of technology investment decisions but also in its effects on our ability to manage change and our staff; processes need to be updated, staff need to be notified and re-trained, or possibly even reconfigured or let go of altogether.

The ever-changing world also poses an identity challenge – as “real-time”, “mobility” and “cloud” become business expectations from customers and the marketplace, chemical companies get forced into keeping up with the evolution and quickly changing expectations. As a result, chemical companies often get mired in the logistics and stresses of change, and are understandably interested in best practices for navigating them with greater speed and stamina.

  • How can I keep updated with all of these changes!?

  • How can I continue to manage customer expectations when they continue to change with the times?

  • How can I leverage UX to meet customer expectations?

  • What are some knowledge management best practices that can ensure that I retain my knowledge base?

  • How can I optimize staff and staff knowledge in a multi-generational workforce?

  • How can I reduce time to market without sacrificing product or data quality?

  • What are the new routes to market and what technology is out there to help me to get to them?

  • How do I updated my business processes and models to address these changes?

To get answers to these and many more questions come and visit us at the Best Practices for Chemicals Conference, being held in Houston on April 4-6, 2017!
Are you ready for the Digital Revolution in the Chemical Industry? Please take the Survey Now and let us help you in establishing the right platform and roadmap for your transition!
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