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The developing practice of precision farming has been making waves in the agrichemical industry. Innovations, fueled by recent technological advancements, are transforming traditional farming methods into highly analytical processes. Below selection of blogs and articles visualize the impact that this practice is already having:

The growing presence of drones is hard to ignore and their expansion into agriculture is just one of the many arenas in which they are making an impact. Blogs by Lauren McCallum, Shivani Govil and Daniel Wellers.

  • Can the ‘Internet of Things’ mitigate California’s historic drought?

Strain on resources is another force propelling precision farming advancements. This blog discusses methods that farmers in California’s Pajaro Valley are adopting to conserve water while maintaining yield. Blog by Thomas Odenwald

The next evolution in precision farming will be made possible by software companies working in collaboration with agriculture data sources. Here, we can read about recent proof of concepts. These blogs give a great peak into how precision farming software will function and look like. Blogs by Marko Lange, Arnaud Sergent and Realwire

This blog discusses implementing expanding agricultural data into crop insurance solutions for the farmer. Greater data resources may very well lead to more custom fit packages.

Disease prevention is another area in which precision farming may be able to have a positive effect. Could digital data collection techniques better position farmers, suppliers, and service providers, against disease and other natural disasters? Blog by Lauren McCallum.

  • John Deere: Technology Vendors Need to Feed Agriculture's Big Data Needs

John Deere and SAP’s recent collaboration demonstrates the advantages they may provide to customers through digital farming. Here we see how the industry is trending and discuss the framework that must be set in place to make it all happen. Article by Alastair Stevenson.

As you can see, precision farming techniques are transforming the industry in radical and exciting ways. This transformation calls for an ncreasingly digital agricultural supply network to deliver custom fit solutions to the customer. If there are any other blogs or articles that have not made our list, please share them in the comments below.

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