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Feeding the world is becoming a major issue. It’s estimated that we will need to feed 9 billion people by 2050. Many SAP customers, from seed companies, to fertilizer and crop protection companies, are helping farmers increase yields and manage productivity to meet this challenge.  SAP and partner F4F are inviting agribusiness customers interested in shaping of scope of our joint Precision Agriculture platform to an agricultural industry forum in Mannheim, Germany on November 5.

The agenda for this forum includes:

  • Introduction to SAP’s Industry Cloud for Agribusiness
  • Point of view presentations from Agribusiness customers and their customers (farmers)
  • Discussion of an SAP/F4F concept of a neutral agribusiness hub to facilitate the collaborative data exchange required by precision farming
  • Discussion of co-innovation and collaboration opportunities

Customers interested in attending this forum can contact Lauren McCallum.


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